Friday, August 11, 2006

Way to go fellows!

Yesterday was the big debate between AG candidates Paul Bucher and JB Van Hollen.

I have not heard the debate yet, instead I have been cruising around the blog world looking for the reaction out of conservatives. It has been an ugly sight having to read the conservatives reaction to this debate.

The question I have is what in the world happened? It appears that two schoolyard boys showed up to this debate and were rolling around in the mud, beating on each other.

What an embarrassment to conservatives this debate turned out to be. As we can see from the reaction of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, both men screwed this debate up.

According to the paper, Paul Bucher would not stop interrupting JB Van Hollen. JB Van Hollen then proceeded to tell Paul Bucher "you suck".

When Van Hollen tried to explain his position and Bucher interrupted, Van Hollen responded: "Will you ever listen? That's why you suck, Paul, because you only listen to people who agree with you."

According to Charlie Sykes, the clear winners of this debate were Peg and Kathleen. I agree with Charlie.

My advice to Paul Bucher- let JB talk. JB has a right to be heard on his politics and policies. Listen to JB's position before attacking them.

My advice to JB Van Hollen- please stay away from the childish insults. You would think with the high priced education you have, you would not need to insult a person to make your point. Further advice for JB, you need to issue a real apology. The apology that you issued was not really an apology at all. Instead, you chose to further insult your opponent when you spoke of "lowering yourself to his level". This is nothing more than another insult against Paul Bucher.

To Paul Bucher's credit, he accepted this as an apology and moved on.

I am not impressed by what I have heard about this debate. I expected better behavior from both men.

One of these two men will probably have another debate with either Peg or Kathleen. I hope that neither of these two men will bring these types of debate tactics to their next debate.


BBG said...

I don't know what debate the blogs listen to but what I heard was what debates should be.

One side asks a question and when you don;t get an answer you ask again and again and again.

When you have no speech writers or sound bites to hide behind you tell the other guy he sucks.

I heard one guy that was prepared and on message leaving the other guy tongue tied and looking like a deer caught in the head lights. No where to run and no where to hide.

CLEAR winner the law and order 20 year DA guy.

Names withheld to protect the tongue tied. The prepared and on message guy needs no protection.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorta with BBG on this one. Bucher "sucked" Van Hollen in, even if he didn't mean to.