Monday, August 07, 2006


This time it was Reuters with a photoshopped photograph. Of course, several bloggers noticed it right away. See Little Green Footballs.

24 hours later, Reuters pulled the photo and made some silly statement implying this was the only photo that was fake. Bloggers took this statement to be a challenge and are finding photographs everywhere that have been photoshopped. See Powerline.

Even after reading all of this, you still feel that you lack the proper information; the rest of the blogosphere world is going nuts. Check Real Clear Politics and click on a link.

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This DJ said...

Doctoring photos is immoral and straight up anti-productive for the cause that whoever doctors the photos is pushing.

I remember how things lke that were used in Elections and really each time I saw it it never worked.

I think people should not add things to existing photos to help out there cause.