Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank you Democrats!

Conservatives got exactly what they needed out of the Lieberman and Lamont battle. Republicans needed two high profile Democrats to clobber each other during this election cycle and now it is happening.

Lieberman is blasting Lamont over his weak stance against terrorists. The fact that this story is headlining in the NY Times makes it even sweeter.

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut seized on the reports of a terror plot yesterday to attack Ned Lamont, his Democratic opponent for re-election, saying that Mr. Lamont’s goal of withdrawing American troops from Iraq by a fixed date would constitute a “victory” for extremists.

Is it just me or have the Democrats been attacking Lieberman for almost a solid year and yet, check out what the Democrats are whining about now-

Mr. Lamont denounced Mr. Lieberman’s remarks, and some other Democrats and political analysts questioned the senator’s use of a national security hazard to buttress a political attack, especially against another Democrat.

"Especially against another Democrat"??????? The Democrats must be goofing around, right? Lieberman has been under continous attack by Democrat Lamont and Democrat bloggers for almost a year. Now they are whining because Lieberman is attacking Lamont. Good grief!

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BBG said...

The liberals are eating their own. That's a good thing.