Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kenosha County Sheriff Dave Beth

Kenosha County Sheriff Dave Beth's website is up and running. All of the races in Kenosha are important, but there is no race that is more important than retaining our sheriff.

Click on this link to see Sheriff Beth's website.

List of accomplishments by Kenosha County Sheriff Dave Beth in the last 4 years-

  • Will have saved over $12 million tax dollars by housing Federal Inmates
  • Increased Department Revenues by 107%
  • Held Department tax levy to less than 1.3% average increases over past four years
  • Channeled $3.9 million back into the General Fund the past three years
  • Reduced Department Administration
  • AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) placed in patrol vehicles
  • Maintained and even increased patrol levels
  • Implemented K-9, Snowmobile and ATV Units using Federal or State funding
  • Implemented the TRACS system, leading the State in Electronic Reporting
  • Worked with Country Thunder Officials to improve the safety of Kenosha's largest Music Festival
  • Proposed Legislation to State Officials to electronically monitor Sexual Predators – Introduced by the Governor in fall of 2005
  • Implemented A Child is Missing Alert to help locate missing children
  • Implementing in 2006 Project Life Saver to locate missing Alzheimer patients
  • Implemented Listening Sessions with department employees
  • Increased traffic enforcement throughout the County
  • Countywide crime has decreased
  • Expanded Living Free Program in our jail to reduce recidivism
  • Used Federal Inmate Revenue to make jail improvements
  • Formed five county task-force SEADOG to help fight war on drugs
  • Provide Inmate Workers to help elderly, Village of Pleasant Prairie, Somers, and many more agencies saving hundreds of thousands tax dollars
  • Purchased K-9’s for Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha Police Departments through a Sheriff’s Department Grant
  • Presented options for towns and villages to save money
  • Aggressively pursuing Federal Grant dollars to help reduce dependency on local tax levy

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