Sunday, August 06, 2006

This Tuesday should be interesting

This should be an interesting week for Democrats. This Tuesday is a primary election between liberal incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman versus super duper liberal Ned Lamont. The question that will be somewhat answered this Tuesday is whether the super duper liberals will take control of the Democratic Party. Will Connecticut liberals pick a Cindy Sheehan type candidate or a John F. Kennedy type of Democrat? Who knows?

I find it very interesting that one of the biggest newspapers in Connecticut is actually supporting BOTH candidates. Interesting!

Check out today's Hartford Courant-

Supporting Lieberman

Supporting Lamont

If you are a conservative, this will be an enjoyable week watching the Democrats tear each other apart. If Lamont wins, Lieberman will run as an independent candidate, which means we can spend the next three months watching the Democrats tear each other apart. Very interesting indeed!


This DJ said...

I'm pretty sure that Lieberman isn't "Liberal"

Looking at voting records compiled in the past he is a very middle of the road democrat.

you don't need to mischaracterize Liebermann to get your point accross here.

K. Carpenter said...

I guess it would depend on how a person defines the word "liberal".

Considering the fact that you and I are different sides of the political spectrum, we probably define the word "liberal" in opposite manners.

In my eyes, Lieberman became a liberal the moment he aligned himself with super lib-Al Gore.

This DJ said...

But his voting record does not follow up with that line of thought.

Lieberman is a blue dog democrat. Very close to the middle. Which aparantly in Conneticut means you get a primary.

On the basic liberal conservative spectrum, he's not as liberal as JFK. And actually more conservative then some republicans.

I suppose our definations are slightly different, because I'm using the accepted form by most political scientists and you are using a term in which you are defining it yourself.

Also, if you go back to voting records on Al Gore. Aside from the environment he's not super liberal either. He's not Howard Dean liberal, he's clintonian liberal (Bill not Hillary) which places him closer to the middle of the spectrum, about four steps left.

BBG said...

I love it when the liberals eat their own.