Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Reince Priebus has pulled his name out of the running for RPW chair. Reince's future is bright and he is a true leader in the Republican Party. However, there is a time and place for everything. Right now is not the time.

I hope this signals the fact that he is thinking about another run for public office. He has my support and my vote when he chooses to run again.


Kate said...

I was rather disappointed when I read this, but I agree with you -time and place. This puts him quite a bit higher on my scale for good guys.

BBG said...

Once again the man has CLASS

jeff said...

I hope it does signal that he will be running for office again. Would love to see him run against Bob Wirch again and win!

This DJ said...

"would love to seem him run against Bob Wirch again and win!"

isn't that impossible, I mean with all those people that Kathy complains about being bused in from Illinois, wouldn't that just happen again? Aren't all democrats just goign to steal every Kenosha election?

Reince got trounced. He'll probably get trounced again. Despite how you all feel about it, Kenosha's still a pretty dem place.

Anonymous said...

Yeah trounced -- give us a ll a break -- since when is getting 48-49% getting trounced? Especially, in a dem district. You lose credibility when you make comments like that. At least admit that he did a hell of a good job.

This DJ said...

I have no credibility, I'm an annonomous commenter on a blog that hates me.

My job isn't to be credible it's to be a d-bag and occasionally make mistakes.

Perhaps I was confusing Reince with a different conservative darling. There are so many of them that all lose because of voter fraud that so definatally happened.

K. Carpenter said...

You crack me up, DJ. You think I hate you?????? As you are aware, the blog comments are moderated, if I hated you I wouldn't post your comments. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

NO DJ -- it is not that you are hated ... but when you say that Kenosha is soooo democratic and then you say that a conservative republican that got 49%, got trounced, that makes no sense. He was a good candidate ... admit it.

It's cool to have different opinions on the blogs but just keep them real.

This DJ said...

Steinbrink and Kreuser are both running unopposed.

You would imagine, that if there were some conservative movement down there. You would be able to muster up someone to put onto the ballot in those assembly races.

That's my opinion though... you have 2 assembly seats, and one which you'd imagine the NRA would dump money into to target. Yet there is noone fielded there?

Racine Conservative. I said I made a mistake and that I was perhaps confusing Reince with another race that I was following more closely, might have been an assembly race, can't recall, my memory is kinda hazy. Like I said, I made a mistake.

So there we go.