Sunday, August 20, 2006

DNC: Either candidates do as they are told or else......

The DNC is telling their party loyalists, either you do what the DNC says, or you will be punished.

The NY Times story-

The sanctions will be directed at candidates who campaign in any state that refuses to follow a 2008 calendar of primaries and caucuses that was also approved Saturday. Any candidate who campaigns in a state that does not abide by the new calendar will be stripped at the party convention of delegates won in that state.

The party adopted a broad definition of campaigning, barring candidates from giving speeches, attending party events, mailing literature or running television advertisements.

According to Howard Dean's DNC-, a candidate had better not advertise, give a speech, attend a party or run any television ad is any state that they have not previously approved by the DNC.

According to the Boston Globe, DNC officials are stating that a candidate better not set foot in any state they have not previously approved.

DNC officials said the party may penalize any candidate who sets foot in a state that flouts the new scheduling rules.


Kate said...

Sounds like a serious "sieg hiel" moment.

jeff said...

Your comment belongs in the 'Mel Gibson' school of commentary.

There is nothing authoritarian or fascist or wrong with the Democratic Party setting guidelines on how their Presidential candidates are chosen. While the tone can be considered 'terse', a political party has every right to decide how to run their internal operations as long as no laws are broken and there is no discrimination.