Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What is Governor Jim Doyle hiding?

I remember it like it was yesterday. My brother stood in the doorway of my bedroom taunting me that he was hiding something behind his back. I had no idea what it was, but I was determined to find out. The more my brother did to protect the hidden item, the more furious I became.

I tried to guess what was behind his back. He even dropped a few hints now and then. You can imagine after a couple of minutes of playing this little game, I literally began chasing him around the house. During those moments, nothing mattered to me more than finding out what he was hiding.

This desire to find out the truth, never actually leaves us, even as adults.

Governor Jim Doyle is hiding something from us. Spivak and Bice point out, not only is Governor Doyle refusing to release information after an open records request, but now the taunting stage has begun. Not only does the Doyle administration have no intention of opening up their records, but also if you happen to file an open records request, you are just a partisan hack.

Sean Dilweg, one of Doyle’s top administration officials is making it very clear, when it comes to the $68 million Kenilworth project, and the $51,000 given to the Doyle campaign- you will get no answers.

Sean Dilweg, a top administration department official, had this response to our inquiries:

"The Kenilworth Dormitory Project was handled appropriately. This line of questioning appears to simply be a partisan attack."

Clearly, Governor Doyle and his administration are trying to hide the Kenilworth project details from the public’s view.

Governor Doyle needs to realize that the more he attempts to hide what truly happened, the more determined people would be to try to find out what he is hiding. It is human nature.

Since Governor Doyle defiantly refuses to tell the taxpayers what he is up to, people begin guessing. The more people guess, the worse Governor Doyle looks.

In January of 2003, Jim Doyle promised us during his inaugural speech-

And, from here on out, restoring Wisconsin's reputation for clean and honest government will be a sacred commitment, not an empty and neglected rhetorical flourish.


Perhaps now is the time for the governor to show us some of that “clean and honest government” that he promised us.

Governor Jim Doyle and his friends are hiding something from the taxpayers of Wisconsin. We can only guess what it is that he is hiding.

My guess is- Governor Jim Doyle is not exactly running a “clean and honest government”.

I am also guessing that the media are not done with this subject. It is doubtful the Wisconsin voters are done with this subject either.

Whether Doyle wins or loses in November, the truth will eventually come out.


redvest said...

"Clean and Honest Governement", I think we have to back decades in Wisconsin politics to find that phrase applicable. What I want to know is how Kight Infrastructres became the Number One earner of State Contracts. Did you know that Hurtgen, accoring to news reports, is intimately involved with that company? Why is Phil Prange's, btw Hurtgen's borther in law, partner Ed Apprahamien giving thousands to Doyle?

Why is it Doyle is giving contracts to company's who ownership is related to his wife?

redvest said...

You have to go back decades to find "clean and Honest Goverment" in Wisconsin. That phrase just doesn't apply anymore. What is Doyle Hidding let's see Knight Infrastructures, Hurtgen, Prange, Apprahamien.

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the wisopinion listing! Thank you for Stepping right up.....as for Doyle and the conclusion, the truth will come out, BUT will the liberals care. THis man is about to have an impeached President come to campaign for him and the liberals sure have forgiven him! Drives me nuts, as Nixon is STILL seen as the devil...the man who took the bullet and resigned rather than CLinton who continued to lie under oath and escape with a still pretty great reputation among his believers!

Dave said...

Kinda like Haliburton huh?