Monday, May 05, 2008

“We are the DNR and we can do what we want to”

The frustration level between Kenosha county residents and the DNR has hit reached a fevered pitch.

The latest frustration with the DNR is the killing of 14 mute swan at some of our local lakes.

During the week of April 19th, the DNR was skulking around our lakes looking for mute swans. They found 14 of them and proceeded to shoot them as horrified Kenosha residents looked on.

One woman in particular who heard a gunshot ran down to the lake where she knew the two swans were at to find the male has been shot and killed already. She then watched as they shot and killed the female sitting on the nest.

Furious, she confronted them and they said, “We are the DNR and we can do what we want to”.

This is our DNR. This is a government agency that supposedly works for us.

Now, if this was the only frustration in the last several months, it might be easier just to dismiss this as a horrible incident that will not happen again.

Problem is, the DNR already has a serious image problem and this latest incident just makes things much worse.

Even as recently as a few months ago, the veterans in Burlington, were engaged in a battle over a building a new Veteran’s Memorial Building. The DNR was against the building because they said there was a 1% chance the building might flood. 1% Chance! (My guess is that most building built in our area has a 1% chance of flooding. We are surrounded be many small lakes and rivers)

This battle raged for a little while until State Representative Samantha Kerkman stepped in. Finally, the DNR was willing to negotiate. The bill put forward by Rep. Kerkman to exempt the Veteran’s Memorial building was no longer needed.

Our relationship with the DNR was really called into question when Kenosha residents found out that one of our brand new schools in Kenosha was built on the contaminated site that used to be the home of “The Brass”.

This is one site that the residents of Kenosha wish the DNR had stopped our local government school board from moving forward.

I guess when the DNR states that “we are the DNR and we can do what we want” is true.

Probably the most frustrating part about this whole thing is that we, the residents of Kenosha County and Burlington, have a seat at the table.

Our State Senator Bob Wirch sits on the Committee of Environment and Natural Resources, which overseas the rules and regulations imposed by the DNR.

Where in the world has Senator Wirch been as we fight tooth and nail against the DNR?

We need someone to stand beside us and fight for us instead of sitting in these committee meetings in virtual silence.


If you cannot stand and defend us when you sit on the actual committee, then what is the point of you being in Madison in the first place?

For those interested, the families around these lakes where the swan were shot will be holding a memorial service to give the children a chance to mourn.

Kenosha News

The service will begin at 2 p.m. May 10 at the Rock Lake Beach at 121st
Street. Residents of other lakes where mute swans were killed are invited to

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