Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A plan for America's future

Earlier today, GOP Gal posted "A Roadmap for America's Future" that was in the Kenosha News this morning, started by Congressman Paul Ryan.

I just received an email to a website that provides a ton of details.

Check it out:

"A Roadmap for America's Future"

As a nation, we are in some serious trouble.

Over the last 40 years, American politicians have made commitments to the American people that absolutely cannot be sustained.

Entitlement programs have ballooned into a massive burden that we cannot pay for.

America has fallen behind in the global race for jobs and job security.

Just like Wisconsin legislature and governor did last week, American politicians have just continued to push our debt out further and further. Someday that debt will have to be paid.

For all the baloney talk that we hear from today's presidential candidates, not one single candidate has any plan for the future. They have nothing. Obama and Clinton continue to promise more and more in entitlement programs, even though we cannot pay for the ones we have. (ie. universal health care) Adding to our debt and entitlement programs does nothing more than make the future more bleak and unsustainable. McCain has promised to stop the tax increases and the massive pork barrel spending, which will help, but that is still not a plan for the future.

Congressman Paul Ryan has launched a program that has a good chance of fixing our massive debt, job problems and sustaining entitlement programs.

There is no instance fix, but it is a plan. Something that few others have even attempting to launch.

One thing is clear, this plan is a start of a conversation that Americans must have.

Americans must plan for the future and that conversation needs to start now.

Check it out.

Any questions, email him. His offices are very good about responding.

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