Monday, May 05, 2008

Howard Dean is lying

As plain as the nose on his face, you can see that Howard Dean is lying.

Dean was caught lying over and over again and still

Hot Air has the scoop-

It’s a remarkably dishonest effort from a remarkably dishonest man. Pay attention to how Dean never actually answers Wallace’s accusations of distortion, changing the subject back to the DNC’s talking points each time. Dean never defends his ads directly, and for good reason; they’re indefensible. Dean found himself overmatched against Wallace. Next time, he should stay in the intellectual minor leagues at MS-NBC with Keith Olbermann.

The ads currently being run by the DNC are a clear misrepresentation. In this video, Fox News Chris Wallace showed everything in it's entirety. You can see plain as day that Dean is lying. Worse yet, he continues to lie.

According to Fact the DNC is representing exactly the opposite of what McCain said.

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