Thursday, May 08, 2008

Is she America's most unhappy woman?

For a woman who is living the American dream, she could not be more miserable about it.

It is simple amazing to me that Michelle Obama is so unhappy.

Worse yet, she is on the verge of becoming first lady and she is still resentful of America and feels she has not been treated fairly.

From Byron York, The Hill

I took in the Michelle Obama Show this week in Charlotte, N.C.

The wife of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was in town for an election-eve
get-out-the-vote rally, to make sure that Obama voters were fired up and ready
to go for Tuesday’s primary.

Usually, such events are rah-rah, go-team affairs. But Mrs. Obama’s
appearance was a little different.

It was an hour-long tale of resentment and anger.

First, she complained at great length that her husband had been treated
unfairly in the Democratic presidential race. Every time he made a move forward,
she said, “they” — she never spelled out exactly who “they” were — moved the
goalposts a bit farther away from him.


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