Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ethanol- the dumbest idea ever?

For years we have been told that bio fuels were the answer to America’s insatiable appetite for fuel.

Now as the government mandates have been passed, the global market for oil has been stretched and the false advertisements have been played, we find out that ethanol may be one of the worst products ever produced.

Not only has the ethanol not worked to curb our dependency on foreign oil, but also the damage caused by bio fuel has succeeded in damaging our economy. Food prices have skyrocketed. Basic commodities have also skyrocketed. (Such as metals)

Absolutely nothing is immune from the damage caused by bio fuels.

Probably the worst part about this is that it is not a natural disaster that has caused this problem, we have created this problem ourselves.

I want to know who the idiot was that first suggested we use our worldwide food supply and stick it in our gas tanks.

To not know that this was a recipe for disaster proves that the engineers caved to the pressures of the environmentalists instead of the pressures of the market.

There are some apologists that claim that putting our food supply in our gas tanks is not the reason the price of food is through the roof, but most folks with a little common sense are well aware of the truth. See the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning-

In a new study, University of Wisconsin-Madison agricultural economist Randy
Fortenberry says it's clear that the increasing use of corn to produce fuel has
played a role in rising corn prices - but he cautions that the magnitude of the
increase has been overstated.

We need to stop making excuses and pretending that there is not a serious problem

The ethanol mandates must end immediately.

The boutique fuels created by environmentalist must end immediately. This is only adding to the problem of high fuel prices.

At the price of corn right now, it also seems completely crazy to subsidize the corn growers. They don’t need subsidies; many folks are getting rich as it is.

Both Republicans and Democrats created this problem in their rush to appease the environmentalists. However, the Republicans seemed to have caught on a little sooner that the Democrats. At least most of the Republicans had the good sense not to vote for the additional ethanol mandates this past December.

Of course, these actions in December also succeeded in driving up the cost of food. When the cost of food goes up, the cost of fuel goes up. When the cost of fuel goes up on farm equipment and trucking, then the cost of food goes up.

It is a vicious cycle and it needs to be broken now. People are starving to death and we only have ourselves to blame.

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