Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making it interesting

Hillary Clinton sure is making it interesting on the democrat side of the aisle.

According to all of the media pundits, she is though. Done. Toast. Kaput. Nothing left in the tank.

Yet, even yesterday she managed to clobber in Kentucky, beating him by about 250,000 votes and she lost Oregon by about 71,000 votes.

I don't care how many different ways Obama tries to spin this, Hillary has supporters and lots of them.

If every vote is counted, as the democrats love to say, Hillary is defeating Obama in actual votes by around 100,000.

If George W. Bush was not a legitimate winner of the election in 2000 because he did not win the popular vote, as so many Democrats love to claim, how is it that Obama is the legitimate winner of the Democrat primary?

Even if you want to apply the electoral college to Obama's and Clinton's wins, Hillary clearly defeats Obama. She has won all of the big states with big electoral votes except Illinois.

If the Democrats 2000 arguments were applied to 2008, Clinton would be the clear victor.

But hey, we all know that Democrats like to change the rules of the game when things do not turn out the way they like.

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