Friday, May 09, 2008

AD66 Race "It's all about me"

While looking for Larry Zamba's stands on the issues, I found this on his MySpace page:
So Larry, to quote your MySpace page "It's all about me!"

Note to candidate: When a public official, it is not "all about you". It is all about the constituents you represent. That is why an official is in the office they hold -- to represent constituents. Now we know where Mr. Zamba stands.

And last time I checked, Mr. Zamba is 50 years old, not 100.

As I scrolled further down his MySpace page, this caught my eye:

On a personal note:

Mr. Zamba is old enough to be my father. To read someone who is 50 (100) is into the White Stripes and the Chili Peppers is just iky. Larry, act your age. It's not cool to try to "be cool" when your 50 (100). It's just creepy.

EDITED 5/11/08:

If you click on the above link you will see Mr. Zamba changed his MySpace page. After his ranting comment, and the comments received, he must have had a change of heart. Too late, Larry, we already know that "it's all about (you) me".

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