Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thank you, Hillary

The Democrat nomination looks to be over.

I am guessing that Hillary will probably stay in it until June 3rd, even though she has little chance of winning the nomination.

Still Hillary Clinton will have left her mark on this year’s democrat nomination.

The biggest mark Hillary left is on Barack Obama.

Hillary managed to damage Obama. She made Barack Obama beatable. She exposed his weaknesses.

In what should have been a horrible year for Republicans, Hillary shined some negative light on Obama and gave the Republicans the blueprint to beat him.

So what are Obama’s weaknesses?

Let’s start with his glaring weakness with working middle class America. For years, the Democrats have told America that they stand for the working class. Obama is losing this voting class by big numbers, even in North Carolina.

Obama is an elitist. This may turn out to be the more damaging to Obama than anyone in the media are willing to admit. It was the same problem that John Kerry had and now the problem has shifted to Obama. Obama only has himself to blame for this one. Saying what he said in San Francisco about God and guns is not going to just disappear.

Even as pundits and the media are praising the “Messiah” today, it appears that a week from today, Obama will be stuck explaining why once again, he gets clobbered among working class whites. West Virginia has their primary next Tuesday and unless a large group of the work class whites can be convinced to switch to Obama, things will get ugly all over again.

Another glaring weakness is that Obama has a glass chin. You smack him with anything; he either over-reacts or fails to re-act quickly enough. Obama’s first reaction to Rev. Wright cost him votes. It will cost him votes in the general election. Even Obama’s second reaction to Reverend Wright will damage him. Obama behaved like a wounded child when finally reacting to Reverend Wright. This is not the sign of a strong leader.

I could go on. Obama has zero leadership experience. (Obama has never been the top dog anywhere for anything. Never)

Obama has absolutely no policy when it comes to national security. (He says he will get us out of Iraq. That is how he plans on protecting us?????)

Obama has absolutely no coherent policy when it comes to foreign relations. (He plans on sitting and talking with people- this is not exactly a policy)

Obama has zero business experience.

And on and on…

So, thank you Hillary Clinton. You succeeded is smacking Obama around.

Three more weeks of smacking Obama is exactly what the Republicans need.

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