Sunday, May 25, 2008

The game is on

Here are the state legislature races highlighted in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-

State Senator Bob Wirch vs Ben Bakke

I'll remember these words, Mr. Childress-

"(Hansen) really fits the district well," said Jason Childress, director of the state Senate Democratic Committee. "We're watching the Wirch seat. We're not losing a lot of sleep over it."
Based on Senator Bob Wirch's reactions so far this election season, Wirch is already losing sleep over this race.

Senator Alberta Darling vs. Sheldon Wasserman

Senator Dan Kapanke vs. Tara Johnson

Senator Sheila Harsdorf vs. Alison Page

Senator Dave Hansen vs. Chad Fradette

Jim Holperin vs. Tom Tiffany (for Breske's Senate Seat)

Jessica King vs. Tim Lakin (for Roessler's Senate Seat)

The state assembly races are a lot harder to figure out.

So far, the races that I am particularly interest in are a little more local to Kenosha.

My number one priority is protecting Rep. Samantha Kerkman. She is running against ultra liberal Larry Zamba.

Former Rep. Debi Towns is running against current Rep. Kim Hixson. Hixson beat Towns by 38 votes in 2006.

There are also a couple of Republicans that have announced they are running in Kenosha for the other Assembly seats held by Democrats in Kenosha. One is for Rep. Jim Kreuser's seat that will be challenged by Jeff Cassity, maybe others. The other seat to be challenged is held by Rep. John Steinbrink.

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