Thursday, May 22, 2008

It is called Leadership(for those who do not recognize it)

It may be hard to recognize, but it is called leadership.

Lately, not only the national GOP, but all across the state of Wisconsin, real leaders are difficult to find.

I know it is an election year and very few folks are willing to stick their neck out and lead this state into better direction.

Yesterday, Congressman Paul Ryan broke with the status quo, stuck his neck out and proposed a new plan to address America’s looming fiscal crisis. It is called “A Roadmap to America’s Future”.

Now whether you agree or disagree with the plan, you cannot deny someone finally stepped up and showed some leadership.

These days it is becoming more and more difficult to address the real problems of this state or this nation because too many lawmakers are running for office on a continual basis.

After the entire budget repair fiasco, I have become convinced that Wisconsin has an extreme shortage of leaders.

Not a Republican or a Democrat in our state legislature took a strong stand and lead their fellow lawmakers during the budget repair process.

Sure there were folks like Rep. Nass that got all huffy and puffy, but that is not leadership. He offered up nothing to move the debate forward. We already have plenty of backseat drivers and we do not need more.

What I truly wanted to see was someone willing to take a bold stand, buck the status quo and actually offer up a plan to fix our state budget. This was Rep. Huebsch’s responsibility, but he cannot do it alone.

We have a state that is billions of dollars in debt and our legislators just continue add to that debt.

Governor Doyle, because he is not running for re-election, pretty much got a free pass and could do whatever he wanted to do with this budget repair bill.

The Governor pretty much did what he wanted with the exception of the hospital tax.

The budget repair bill that was passed by the state legislature was pretty much vetoed and reworked by the governor. The legislature could do very little about it.

The Democrat’s leadership faired no better that the GOP. Governor Doyle trounced right over the top of all of them also.

We have plenty of elected officials that talk the talk. They tell the electorate exactly what they want to hear.

What we do not have are elected officials that will walk the walk.

Most Wisconsinites could tell you exactly what it would have taken to fix the budget fiasco. It is time to cut spending. Yes, that does indeed mean that programs will be cut, employees will be cut and people’s feelings are going to hurt.

This is the reality that is taking place all across Wisconsin at this very moment.

Every single Wisconsinite is facing the same fiscal decision.

Due to the horrible gas prices, do I take that trip over Memorial Day weekend, like I do ever other year?

Small business owners are asking themselves whether or not it is time to lay off an employee or two.

This is life. This is reality.

It is time for someone in our state legislature to break with the status quo, just like Congressman Paul Ryan did, and lead us in a better direction.

Our future is at stake in Wisconsin.

Where are the leaders?

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