Friday, May 30, 2008

Kenosha Parade Committee quits. ***Updated***

I am more than a little curious to see if the entire parade committee has quit one month before the Kenosha Parade will be held.

Our parade co-coordinator for the Kenosha GOP received this letter via email-



May 22, 2008

We, the Kenosha Civic Parade Committee, Inc. do hereby announce the closure of said Inc. Anyone wishing to create a new Parade Committee can do so by filing with the State of WI.

Any and all monies left in our corporation after all debts are paid will be returned to the City and County equally within 60 days of said closure.

Regretfully we are unable to put together the July 6, 2008 parade. Neither the funding nor the volunteers are available.


Kenosha Civic Parade Committee, Inc

Officers & Board of Directors

Mona McDermott

Bernadette Lasky-Loewen

Anthony Bisciglia

Elizabeth Fountain

Norman Buchholz

Marilyn Spaulding

Of course the entire letter could be fake- I just do not know.

I am attempting to find out more information.

There have been issues, but the talk has always been that the parade this year would go on as planned.

As a city alderman, this really concerns me.

I will update as I get more information.


It is true. The parade will still go on. The city will be handling it, instead of the parade committee.

From the K-News-

The Kenosha Civic Veterans Parade Committee decided last week to dissolve its corporation, a few weeks after committee Chairwoman Mona McDermott said she was stepping down from that post. A notice from the committee said it was disbanding because there was not enough money and volunteers to put on the parade.

McDermott became committee chairwoman after the 2004 parade. She and other committee members have had to deal with public fallout -- both supportive and negative -- from alleged mismanagement of parade funds by the former chairwoman, Fran Puidokas, and clashes with local veteran’s groups.

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