Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Actual Cost of "Healthy Wisconsin" (updated)

After obtaining some more information, I have some new numbers for un"Healthy Wisconsin."

According to a report by the Taxpayer's Alliance (2006 data) 90.6% of Wisconsin residents have health insurance.

100% - 90.6% = 9.4% do not have insurance.

State population: 5,609,705 people

5,609,705 x 9.4% = 527,312 people do not have insurance


of the 527,312 people, we can break it down further:

40% (210,925 people) are uninsured for 6 months or less (between jobs, etc.)

25% (131,828 people) are eligible for other programs but aren't enrolled (1/2 the children who qualify for BadgerCare aren't enrolled)

33% (174,012 people) choose not to have health insurance (known as the "young invincibles.")


10,547 people in this state don't have access to health insurance.

$15,400,000,000 Cost of "Healthy Wisconsin"

$15,400,000,000 / 10,547 = $1,460,130.84

$1,460,130.84 That is what we, as taxpayers, are going to pay per actual uninsured person to health care coverage through "Healthy Wisconsin."

Thanks, Bob Wirch. This truly does show how much of a "fiscal conservative" you really are -- not at all.

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