Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A REALLY good day to be Republican

Of course every day is a good day to be Republican, but yesterday, Memorial Day, was a REALLY good day to be Republican. The Republican Party of Kenosha County was in two parades yesterday, one in Silver Lake and one in Twin Lakes.

It was great to have spectators cheering for REPUBLICANS!!!!
Yes, there are Republicans in Kenosha County!

Here is a picture of our float and the group of Republicans that walked in the parade. Note we have flags and are thanking our veterans, you won't see that on the Dem's float.

Ben Bakke, Republican candidate for Senate Seat #22, had his own banner and walked in the parade, too. "Little Ben" (catching a ride with dad) was a big hit in the parades.

Because we're the party that truly cares about the young ones, we even had a few riding on the float.

You don't need a license to vote or drive this ...

It's pretty sad when the man running against Samantha Kerkman is hanging out more with our float (on his Segway, of course) then the Dem's float. Does that say something? Maybe it's because we were handing out candy and getting cheered, not jeered, like the Dems.

I'm so glad this was NOT our float.
Where is its head? Maybe it's up its a** ...

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