Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's about unity and positive change

It's about unity and positive change or maybe not.

Every vote counts or maybe not.

Rules are rules or maybe not.

This whole Florida/Michigan thing is just entertaining to watch. Democrat vs. Democrat. Protests and counter protests.

You have got to read the comments in this post.

I did not think it was possible for Hillary supporters and the Obama supporters to get nastier with each other. Turns out they can.

If Hillary was up in the delegate count, she would probably be reacting the same way as Obama.

For Obama to continue to make the claim that he is about unity and change while this farce continues is just a joke.

What has become painfully clear is that the Democrats have brought America racism and sexism to it's highest level of hatred in years. This from the Democrats who call themselves progressive. The Democrats have taken us backwards.

The nomination is not about unity and change it is about hatred and the political status quo.

The nomination is not about counting every vote, they just want to count the votes they like.

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