Monday, October 23, 2006

Wow- 12116.91

Today, the stock market shot up another 114.54 points to close at another all time high of 12116.91

This is great news, not only for high rolling investors, but even us poor folks with a simple 401K made some money this month.

This is great news because I am going to need that money. Since Democrats will not let anyone fix the huge problems with Social Security, I will need a lot more in my retirement account to cover for the promised 25% Social Security cut in benefits that I will get the year I retire.

I know that President Bush and Congressman Paul Ryan have been leading the charge to save my Social Security.

However, the Democrats and the AARP actually believe that they own the social security issue and any attempt to fix it by the evil Republicans will be canned in Congress.

I know the only plan the Democrats have for fixing the my Social Security crisis is to raise my taxes even more. This is the same plan they have for fixing any problem- raise my taxes!

Note to Congressman Paul Ryan:

Dear Congressman Ryan,


I am getting desperate. My future is at stake here and I am counting on you and President Bush.

I know that you and President Bush are still working really hard to gather support to save my Social Security. Unfortunately, another two years have been wasted without a real fix to Social Security due to the Democrat's stall tactics. Think of how much money I could have stashed away for my future with this record breaking run up in the stock market.

Whatever you can do to stop the Democrat's stall tactics would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. I know that you are not going to give up on this issue and neither am I. You know that I will have your back and will continue to support you 100%.


Desperate in Kenosha

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