Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh spare me the insults...

The MJS editorial is calling for clean elections.

Well, actually, if you read the article, they are kinda supporting clean elections. However, in reality, it appears that the entire editorial was actually written to take a cheap political shot at Republicans.

Wow, did they ever take a swing at the Republicans. Check it out-

We also have a pie-in-the-sky desire that legislators, in particular, would spend more time trying to fix what really ails the elections system than trying to pass voter ID, which fixes a problem that doesn't really much exist.

Because, truth be known, voter ID is really about discouraging turnout from folks believed to skew Democratic.

Oh, good grief!

Reading thru the article, there is little to no explanation on how they plan on insuring clean elections. The article wanders around talking about the State Elections board, computer systems, the Department of Administration, and the Federal Government's $27 million.

However, at no time does this editorial article explain how the computer systems can go about identifying legal voters and illegal voters. They do not explain how it works or the benefits of this new fancy system.

They do not bother to explain how the computer systems will work with local computers. They do not explain what kind of information these computers will track and how it will bring about clean elections.

They did not even bother to explain that the new computer system is currently not working correctly and will not be working by the November elections. They do not bother to explain in this article that Wisconsin was required by a federal mandate to have this computer system completely updated and working correctly by January of 2006.

Until the Wisconsin State Elections Board can assure us that every single vote cast in an election is legal, the cries for voter ID will not go away.

As a US citizen and a Wisconsin resident, I have every right to demand clean elections.

I want clean elections. I want to know that my vote counts. I want to know that each vote that is cast is legal. I do not want illegal immigrants voting. I do not want non-citizens voting. I do not want dead people voting. I do not want felons voting.

I demand voter ID, even if it is nothing more than a deterrent to those willing to steal someone else’s vote.

Because of the State Elections board’s refusal to comply with federal election laws and the “Help America Vote Act” until recently, we are way behind on getting clean and fair elections in Wisconsin.

This State Elections Board has had at least three years to work on this system by getting all of the information updated and all of the state and local computers linked together. There is still a problem with the felon’s list that will not be corrected until after the November elections.

Should taxpayers really hand over another $1 million to Jim Doyle’s State Elections Board?

They have proven themselves to be not only incompetent because this system is still not up and entirely running correctly(see MJS, August 3, 2006), but they have also proven themselves to be political hacks out to rig an election is Jim Doyle’s favor.(see MJS, September 20, 2006)

For the State Elections board to come out and ask for another million dollars was down right insulting to the intelligence of Wisconsinites.

Wisconsinites demand clean elections and clearly, this State Elections board cannot guarantee clean elections.

If the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wants to state their opinions on their pages, they certainly have the right to do this. However, clearly and precisely making their arguments is what they should have done.

Instead, the MJS editorial board chose to use their pages to hurls insults at Republicans instead of making a clear and concise argument about the benefits of this new system and the benefits of spending even more money.

The editorial was plainly childish and not worthy of Wisconsin’s largest newspaper.


grumps said...

Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Look up disingenuous in the dictionary and lie down until the throbbing stops, Kathy.

krshorewood said...

Wow. Talk about childish.

Demanding voter ID, which is clearly voter supression for a problem that doesn't exist when there are so many other problems involved with voting -- understaffed polling places which make people wait for hours, hackable electronic voting machines from a company owned by someone who is an avowed Bush supporter, a system awash in money that makes whores out of both parties.

Give me a break. Voter ID is a solution in search of a problem.

1AverageJoe said... about childish. It's obvious that your sole intent was to bash Bush. It's people like you who hold this system in limbo with your stone throwing mentality. I think it is you who needs to grow up. Lets make this simple for those of you who find it hard to grasp the BIG picture. No iiscense or ID...NO VOTE. In modern day America.... What do I need identification for??????? Cash a check...Open any kind of liquor..use credit card..go in a a a a car.....the list goes on and on. Why not have one to vote.

krshorewood said...

Isn't more belowaveragejoe?

Where did I say anything about Bush.

This is voter supression. Wiht 41% of America's poor without ID's this is voter supression pure and simple.

Try thinking about someone other than yourself.

Marcus Aurelius said...

What the poor don't have driver's licenses?

how do they rent videos?