Tuesday, October 03, 2006

State Elections Board

So, is anyone else wondering what the Democratic members of the State Elections board are doing tonight?

Is it possible they are planning on swiping more of Mark Green's campaign money?

Who knows what they are up to tonight.

Hopefully, this time, they are not stupid enough to be emailing each other.

Quite frankly, the board's decision tomorrow does not mean a hill of beans. Every decision they make will be seen as tainted with Doyle's fingerprints.

Because of Doyle's meddling, the State Elections board no longer has the respect of a lot of the people in Wisconsin. No matter what decision they make tomorrow, their reputations and respectability are shot.


Kate said...

I hope they are putting everything in emails. That way, we will know exactly what they are up to and can bring it to the people. :)

I'm beginning to wonder if the idea of "shame" is totally lost on so many these days.

jeff said...

I understand that they also will be reconsidering their prior decision. This may be helped by the fact that the State Ethics Board opened an investigation of the whole email affair connected with their first decision.