Sunday, October 01, 2006

Drinking and Driving...

When does it end? How many innocent people must die in this country before we completely eradicate drinking and driving?

It's not like we do not know that drinking and driving is against the law, we do know. Yet, thousands upon thousands of Americans are killed every year in drunken driving crashes.

Did you know that more Americans will die this year alone in drunken driving crashes than have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since the beginning of the war on terror?

Did you know that more Americans have died in drunken driving crashes than died during the entirety of WWII? 402,000 Americans died in that war.

When does the insanity stop?

For some reason, Americans still cannot get it thru their thick heads- DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Tonight another family is mourning the loss of a innocent 17 year old girl.

Whitney Zajac, 17, was killed early Saturday morning by a drunk driver. She was a young, vibrant, sweet, young lady who did not deserve to die.

Under no circumstances should any American die as a result of drunken driving. There is absolutely no reason why Whitney should have died.

Drinking and driving is not an accident, it is done willfully and done way too often.

Whitney's grandfather asks-

"He took a vibrant young lady. The pain that he's caused, he'll never be able to suffer that much pain in his life," said William Wilinski of Milwaukee, choking back his tears.

"A lovely girl like that gone, and for what?"

For what? Apparently this idiot drunken driver thought that he would be just fine with a few drinks in him. He wasn't okay.

A person is never okay to drive when they are legally drunk.

I know many of you out there are dead set against sobriety checkpoints because you feel your rights will be violated. However, these folks seem to approve of tougher laws against drunken driving.

Perhaps this country should adopt a law that states that if anyone is caught driving under the influence will have their driver's licenses permanently revoked.

That's it, nada, no more. Drink and drive then your license is gone forever. Perhaps then people will stop drinking and driving.

Say a prayer for the family and friends of Whitney.


atarijpb said...

Having lost my mother to a drunk driver, I feel for this family. What a tragedy. What a lost future.

Could that picture be more heartbreaking??

K. Carpenter said...

Check it out, we have something in common. I lost someone I cared about to a drunken driving crash also.

I lost my friend Chris to a drunken driving accident almost 20 years ago. Still hurts.

shana said...

It's so sad. My husband was unfortunate enough to come across the scene probably not half an hour after it happened. He said there were quite a few firetrucks, ambulances and police cars over most of that section of the interstate, and at that time of morning those lights make quite a scene. He said there wasn't much left of the one vehicle he saw, presumably what was left of the girl's car. It's so sad that these sorts of things still happen in our society anymore. You'd think we'd have learned by now.