Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Forum/Debate tonight

A liberal group is putting on a forum/debate tonight at Kenosha's Northside Library.

Several of our candidates and friends will be involved in this forum.

Dave Beth for Kenosha County Sheriff

Brenda Maurer Witthun for Clerk of Courts

Matt Augustine will be supporting the argument for the death penalty referendum.

We also have a person supporting the constitutional amendment on defining marriage between one man and one women.

Everyone attending the forum will be given a chance to write up questions to be asked during the forum.

Any friendly faces that we can get to this forum/debate to support our people would be great.

See you tonight @ 7:00 at the Northside Library in Kenosha, the library is on the corner of 15 Street and 27th Avenue. 1500 27th Avenue

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