Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another good victory for Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Badger football team have proven all of the critics wrong. Many predicted that the Badgers would not finish above .500.

The critics were wrong. Very wrong.

Wisconsin's record now stands at 7-1, with 4 games remaining in the regular season. After defeating a good Purdue team yesterday, 24-3, Wisconsin can now dream of a bowl berth.

If we close our eyes and really dream big, Wisconsin could even end up playing at the Rose Bowl.

Rose Bowl?

Yes, this is what would need to happen.

Wisconsin would have to win out against some really tough teams. This includes a very tough Penn State team. However, it is possible.

Currently, Michigan and Ohio State are ranked #1 and #2 in the BCS rankings. These two teams do not play each other in the regular season. (I am dead wrong about this. Thanks DJ. I checked the schedule on ESPN and it wasn't up yet. These two teams do play each other. It is still possible, although not like, that these teams end up #1 and #2)

If Michigan and Ohio State end the regular season ranked #1 and #2, they could play each other in the BCS national championship game.(I am not sure what the BCS rules are when it comes to two teams from the same division playing each other)

This could very well send Wisconsin, with the next best record in the Big Ten, to the Rose Bowl.

Thank you Wisconsin. Now that we are allowed to start dreaming of a bowl game, perhaps it is also okay to start dreaming of the watching them play in the Rose Bowl.


dj said...

As they do every year, Ohio State and Michigan play in the last week of the regular season. More than likely, both will be undefeated at that time. Thus, one will end up undefeated and one with one loss. In this case, the best Wisconsin can do is third, because they lose tiebreakers to both teams.

Peter said...

I can't stand the Big 10's incomplete schedule. I'd love to see UW play OSU just to see how they'd stack up. It would be a good game for the fans as well.

The winner of the Ohio State-Michigan game should get the Packers.