Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A headline Jim Doyle didn't need before an election

For a governor who has billed himself as "the education governor", this headline does not look good.

State aid to drop at many schools

Some districts may boost levy increases to offset reduced help from equalization fund

Yes, there will be some property tax increases for many communities in the area. Right here in Kenosha, we were just walloped with another 11% school tax levy increase. This was following last year's 11% school tax levy increase.

But at $4.7 billion for the current school year, the equalization aid pool is by far the state's largest funding source for public schools. And because the aid helps offset local property taxes, it could affect upcoming tax bills.

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jeff said...

The numbers from the budget actually show that 2003-04 there was a 8.72% increase in the levy; 2004-05 there was a 9.06% increase in the levy and for 2005-06 there was a 0.87% DECREASE in the levy.

see website reference below:


see Page 20

With as much as I think things can be improved in the KUSD, we should use the real numbers in the discussion.