Friday, October 06, 2006

The Debate #2

As you can already tell, I did not live blog the debate. Sorry folks, I am just not feeling well enough to type that fast. However, I sat with a group of about 15 friends and we watched the debate together. I asked them all to write down their favorite quote during the debate.

Hands done, this one by Mark Green was the winner:

Politicians look for issues, leaders look for answers.

Fred, from RealDebateWisconsin, did some great live blogging:

Real Debate Wisconsin: Live blogging the Gubernatorial debate.

Pretty fast fingers there Fred.

I am going to post some more of people's favorite quotes tomorrow. There are more.

Also, I am going to cruise the blog world and see if there are others that blogged the debate live. I may be posting some additions.

Update: Brian Fraley was also live blogging the debate.


Kate said...

You got the fall nasties too? Well, that's what I call it...happens every fall.

I tried to keep up with the debate, but frequently, I kept waiting for Doyle to actually answer the question, on any topic, and often, never heard one. Was it just me, or did he NOT actually give coherent answers?

realdebate said...

They hurt...

jeff said...

Confirmation from the other side

Eric Von, talk show host on opposite Mark Beilling on 1290AM WMCS, said during his show today that the Governor lost the debate Friday night. The liberal African-American station and host plans on dissecting the loss on his show tomorrow afternoon.