Wednesday, October 04, 2006

3% levy increase for Kenosha

I did not expect this-

Proposed county budget increases levy by 3 percent
Emily Ayshford

The Kenosha County budget levy will increase by 3 percent in 2007, if the Kenosha County Board passes County Executive Allan Kehl’s proposed budget presented Tuesday night.

Another 3% increase? I know that things are worse in Walworth County with a 9.55% increase, but I still expected our budget levy to go down, not up.

Due to a better economy and the fact that federal, state and local governments tax revenues have increased over the last few years, we should see a decrease in the budget levy.

Since I cannot access Kenosha News online, no matter how many times I log into my account, I will have to read the whole story when I get home.

Yes, at this moment, I am disappointed.

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