Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Go it alone?

Okay, now the Democrats are just confusing people again-

From the Washington Times-

President Bush yesterday called for an "immediate response" from the United Nations Security Council to North Korea's assertion that it had tested a nuclear weapon, as Senate Democrats demanded that the administration engage in one-on-one talks with the nation's increasingly belligerent leader, Kim Jong-il.

One on one talks? The Democrats are now demanding the rest of the world step aside and George Bush should go it alone.

What happened to all that garbage about "go it alone", "Cowboy George Bush", and "King George"?

For heaven's sake, now they are demanding President Bush go it alone.

The entire Democratic party has become flip floppers, just like John Kerry.

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steveegg said...

Just remember the pic over at the Daily Spin blog, taken the last time the US had one-on-one talks with North Korea. The 'Rats seem to be under the illusion that Krazy Kim the Younger has the best champagne, and they don't want others to taste it.

Seriously, had we listened to the 'Rats, we would have not one but two rogue nations with nukes (add Saddam Hussein's Iraq to NK), and not one but two more rogue nations on the cusp of getting them (add Libya to Iran).