Friday, October 20, 2006

$460,000 donated to Doyle campaign

There are some folks, here in Kenosha, that so desperately want a casino, they have dumped $460,000 into Doyle's campaign.

I know there are still plenty of folks out there who actually believe that Governor Jim Doyle is not for sale.

Well, down here in Kenosha, there is no doubt about it, we know Governor Doyle is for sale.

As you can see, some folks here in Kenosha are trying to buy Governor Doyle.

This is truly pathetic. More evidence that Jim Doyle is for sale and some folks will do whatever it takes to buy the governor-

Kenosha casino developer Dennis Troha has pitched in another $50,000 to the Democratic Governors Association, a channel that's previously been used to direct money to the campaign of Gov. Jim Doyle.

Troha heads a group that would help develop the proposed $808 million casino complex in Kenosha proposed by Wisconsin's Menominee tribe. The Connecticut-based Mohegan tribe would also partner with the Menominees on the project. The Mohegans run one of the largest casinos in the world near Uncasville, Conn., about midway between Boston and New York City.

The latest Troha donation was made Sept. 8 and reported last week to the IRS, which tracks such contributions. Troha's latest gift brings to over $460,000 the sums donated by Troha, his family members and others linked to the Kenosha casino to Doyle or Democratic Party committees.

"The donation, which is legal and properly disclosed, is intended to help the (Democratic Governors') Association acheive its goal of helping elect governors who are Democrats," said Evan Zeppos, a spokesman for the Kenosha casino project.

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