Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is too bad

Mark Warner, Virginia democrat, announced today that he would not make a run at the presidency.

IMO, Warner was the best chance the democrats had for avoiding a Clinton nomination. Warner is a moderate that would have attracted alot of moderate votes.

Plus, Warner seems to be a very nice man.

Best of luck to Mark Warner. I am certain this is not the last that we have heard from him.

Mark Warner announced today he will not seek the presidential nomination in 2008. The former Virginia governor had been exploring a White House bid since he left office in January, with frequent visits to Iowa and New Hampshire and generous fundraising for national Democratic candidates.

Mr. Warner, who said the pressures of a national campaign weren't fair for his family, didn't rule out seeking the vice presidency, or even running for governor again.



Peter said...

I suspect there was something that came up during Hitlary's opposition research ... or he suspect would come up during Hitlary's opposition research.

One by one, the Hildabeast will take her competition out of the race.

jeff said...

Hitlary and Hildabeast? I thought conservatives and Republicans were more mature. I thought only Democrats and children resorted to using childish name-calling in political discussion and debate.

Ron_L said...


Stop with the pretended shock will you? "Shrub", "Monkey", "Bushitler" are all used by the leftist scum with impunity.

What do you have of substance to add to this thread? Go ahead and deny the fact that the Clintons are begining to set aside their oppostion. At that point, we might actually have something to debate.

In the meantime get over the phoney shock.

jeff said...

I dont deny that Hillary is being set up as the heir apparent to her husband 8 yrs later but that doesnt mean that we have to stoop to their immature, childish level in the debate discourse.

My view of Republicans and Conservatives is that they would rather debate issues than 'fling s**t. Why go down to their level? Only those without the facts on their side need to use childish namecalling.