Monday, May 08, 2006

The Union strikes again

So much for the unions standing up for the little people-

A food drive to benefit local charities was canceled over the weekend, due in part to picketing at a local grocery store.

Dan Kaley, a spokesman for the Kenosha Realtors Association, said he was dismayed that the group's annual food drive at SuperValu, 3401 80th St., was called off because of picketing and boycotts organized by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1444.


BBG said...

and anyone belongs to a union because???

Oh maybe it's like the teachers union like most unions. Join or else.

Yup that's the American way.

jeff said...

Unions in the past and still do serve a useful purpose in negotiating decent wages and benefits for their members. The problem with a lot of them these days is that their leadership often strays to far into partisan politics. The leaders of the unions often are more interested in accumulating power than in meeting the needs of their rank and file.

Many have gone the route of single issue groups in being more interested in perpetuating a problem in order to raise money and accumulate power and less involved in looking for solutions to the problem.