Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Time to pull out of the quagmire

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Time to pull out of Wisconsin

There were 28 shootings this past weekend in Milwaukee. After 175 years of occupation, we are seemingly unable to extract ourselves from the quagmire that apparently is Wisconsin. I say it is time America cut its losses and pulled out of Wisconsin NOW. We currently have over 7000 Army National Guard troops based there yet there seems to be no end to the carnage.

Please join me in writing to Rep. Jack Murtha to get this terrible situation the attention it deserves. 15 in Haditha is nothing compared to the horrors perpetrated month after month after month after month in Wisconsin. It's time we brought our people home.

Seriously folks, 28 people shot in Milwaukee alone in one weekend? To make matters worse, there was a shooting in Racine that killed one and injured two. Also, right here in quiet Kenosha, there was one shooting that killed a person this weekend also. This is ridiculous. We need to let the Milwaukee Police go back to work, despite what happened in the Judd case.

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BBG said...

I see Paul Bucher actually has a plan to deal with the Milwaukee problem not just point fingers at it. That's a good thing

Now Racine Anyone wonder what happen to the 100 grand Cathy Stepp had in the budget for gangs that Diamond Jim vetoed. Then gave to the Mayor to use for what ever he wanted??? Maybe someone should ask Becker??

Now Kenosha. We should thank County Sheriff Beth for doing all he can to stop this kind of thing.