Sunday, May 14, 2006

He's not running.

Good. I am glad that Thompson is not running. The only thing that was accomplished by this game played by the media and Thompson, is that it drove many folks towards Mark Green.

Being a former Walker supporter, I had the opportunity recently to look Mark Green in the eyes and try and figure out where he was coming from. I liked what I saw.

Mark Green was at Kenosha County's Lincoln day dinner last night and I got a couple of brief moments to speak to him. I asked him flat out- "Are you worried about Thompson?" He looked me straight in the eye and said- "No". He didn't elaborate, he didn't make excuses, he didn't slam Thompson, he did not comment any further on it. He just moved on.

As my conversation continued, I saw something that I had not seen before. What I saw was that Mark Green loves Wisconsin. He loves talking about Wisconsin, he loves living in Wisconsin, he truly cares about the people of Wisconsin.

Mark Green may not be a slickest speaker or a media favorite, but Congressman Green cares about the direction this state is going.

To those former Walker supporters like myself, it's time to get over it. Scott Walker is not running for Governer, Mark Green is. No more mourning and wishing things were different. It is time to get over it, I have!

Now that Thompson has stopped playing games, our choices are very simple. Wisconsin conservatives have two choices on who they will vote for on election day.

Wisconsin conservatives- Who are you going to vote for? Jim Doyle or Mark Green?

I have made my choice- I want Mark Green to be my next governor. I will work and work and work to make sure that Mark Green is the next governor of Wisconsin.


jeff said...

I would prefer to have Scott Walker as the remaining Republican candidate for Governor. To me, the Milwaukee County Executive is more of a fiscal conservative, isnt wishy-washy on TABOR, and is more against state mandates like was involved in the ethanol issue.

After meeting her Saturday night, I would rather see Jean Hundertmark on the top of the ticket instead of as Lt. Governor.

Bob from Salem said...

Very well said, Kathy. I was also a big-time Walker supporter, but Mark Green is an excellent candidate for governor. We need to get WEAC and the trial lawyers out of the governor's mansion. Vote Green to have more green in your pocket.

Anonymous said...

I am, was, and always will be a supporter of Scott Walker ! To be honest I haven't " gotten over it " , and probably won't ? Now, is that being a little childish ? I guess that will be up to all of you ? Once in a great while, there are certain people who come along in your life that touch you deep to the core. You believe in who they are, who and what they stand for. You will put aside your personal life and fun, and work for them because you know in your heart of hearts they are the right person for the job. Scott Walker was that man, and I believe he will be again in the very near future, in whatever avenue he decides to go down. Scott, I will always be in your corner, by your side whenever you need me !! Mark Green is said to have the war chest to compete against Doyle. Mark Green is said to be the only hope for Wisonsins salvation ?
Well, if he is, and he has all this overwhelming support, he won't miss me then. I want Doyle defeated, and I believe he will be...but he will be defeated without my blood, sweat and tears. Honestly, I wish Tommy was our candidate instead. Green dodged the mother of all bullets to day with Tommy's announcement !

Mark Green will have to win without me.

K. Carpenter said...

Unfortunately, Anonymous, you are now going against Scott Walker's wishes. For someone who so completely loves Walker, you are completely ignoring the fact that Scott Walker has thrown his support behind Green. Scott Walker is working for Green to win the governorship.

If you were truly a real Walker supporter, you would listen to your man Walker and throw your support behind Green.

David said...

I will ask the rather obvious question (I have asked before on other blogs but no one will answer) how the heck do you know Mark Ethanol Green will do any of these things you claim will happen when Doyle is gone?

He caved into the Corporate farmers for a hell of a lot less than the Indians or WEAC will pay so what exactly do you think will make him less of a sellout now?

Bob from Salem said...

You can look at Mark's voting record in Congress. He has voted the right way on tax cuts, on the war in Iraq, on right to life, and on many other issues.

I was also a big time Walker supporter, but now it's time that we all gear up to defeat WEAC Doyle.