Sunday, May 21, 2006

I just got home from the RPW convention

I just got home from my very first RPW convention. What a great event!

Since, I am still a bit tired from the weekend parties, I will keep this short.

If the goal of the RPW convention was to rally support behind Mark Green, they did it. I am certain that Mark Green's goal was to rally support, and he did it. Boy, did he ever knock it out of the ballbark. His speech was a bases clearing, grand slam home run. WOW!

I have heard Mark Green give at least a dozen speeches. His speech at the convention was by far and away the best speech I have ever heard him give. Those of you who do not think that Mark Green is passionate, missed an incredible speech.

Mark Green gave a rip snorting, in your face Jim Doyle, heartfelt, passionate, confident and determined speech. Then when the confetti exploded into the air and the balloons were flying around, even the most hardened Walker support stood and went nuts.

Mark Green is ready to be the next governor of Wisconsin.


Boots & Sabers has a copy of the speech.

Way to go Mark Green!

I will have more details about the other candidates later. It was an incredible weekend!


BBG said...

So that all that read this blog know the Lady that runs this place is a tireless worker for the conservative movement in her county and State.

The Republican Ladys had several special events at the convention and everytime you turned around when help was needed there she was. Working, selling (DUMP DOYLE) bumper stickers and representing her county on the convention floor to mention just a few.

Kudos K C

BBG said...

On relection of the above comment I got so caught up in the after glow of the convention that I didn't make mention of MANY others that worked their back sides off at their FIRST convention.

So I don't get into trouble I will just say YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

hint: T Z and K T Ladys you are the BEST