Monday, May 01, 2006

It's time to step up!

I am finding it really hard to get riled up about the TPA debacle. I have been reading and listening to a lot of comments from around the state. Conservatives are angry. I am angry also.

For some reason, I am having a problem placing the failure of real tax reforms solely on the shoulders of our legislators. We can blame Rep. John Gard, Rep. McCormick or Rep. Ott and many others, but these legislators are not entirely at fault when it comes to the failed TPA.

I believe that grassroots conservatives have got to share some of the blame. We dropped the ball.

If you talk to some of our legislators, you will find that they received no phone calls or emails into their offices in support of the TPA. Nothing, nada, zippo. Our legislators were hearing very little from conservatives at all. Some talk shows and some bloggers were doing their part, but that is not nearly enough.

Of course, our legislators were hearing plenty from the other side of the aisle. The unions were organized as usual and had their people calling and emailing.

Where were the phone calls and emails from the conservatives in Wisconsin? Where was the movement in support of protecting our rights as taxpayers? Why didn't they hear from us?

If we, as grassroots conservatives, truly want to change this state from blue to red, it is time to step up. We have got to stop expecting Charlie Sykes, Mark Belling, bloggers and all the others to continue to carry the load by themselves. Our talk show hosts and bloggers are great, but they cannot do this alone. They need us to do our part.

Our legislators are supposed to represent us and our viewpoints in Madison.

How are they supposed to represent us, if they do not even hear from us?


publius said...

In our defense, how could we call our representatives and tell them we support TPA when there was no plan to tell them to support.

They didn't introduce a plan until March and then it wasn't the final plan. In the two weeks prior to last week's vote some 6 plans were released. To just call and say, "support TPA," could have, and would have, been interpreted many different ways. As we saw, some leggies supported a weak TPA and other supported a strong TPA. Unfortunately, the former won the day.

With the oppostion, they were opposed to ANY version, so that's all they had to say.

BBG said...


So that's an excuse for not doing anything??
This is why the elected get so full of themselves and forget they are to serve us not the other way around.
All the public unions that are sucking off the public are of course going to oppose this.
This issue is really very simple. Restrictions on both state and local. We are NOT a bottomless pit of money. It seems the 27 so called Republicans that voted against the most restrictive measure have the same opinion about tax payers as the moon bat left wing Democrats.
Bend over and grab your ankles my friend. And all for the lack of a phone call.