Friday, May 26, 2006

It's time to deal with it.

The Senate passed a bill on illegal immigration- and like the majority of Republicans in the Senate, I would have voted against it. The Senate bill goes no where near far enough to secure the borders.

However, the very fact that building a fence, no matter what the size, was a shock to see coming out of the Senate.

That being said, the House Republicans have their work cut of for them. The House bill did nothing about dealing with the 12 million illegal immigrants already living in this country today. Ignoring this reality will not make the problem go away.

Over the next several weeks and months- illegal immigration must be dealt with. NO REFORM IS NOT AN OPTION. NOT PASSING A IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL IS NOT AN OPTION.

Somewhere in the middle of this, the President has to toughen the Senate bill's border security problems and get the House to realize that we currently have 12 million illegals in this country and we need to deal with that problem. The illegal immigrants in this country are not just going to go away.


Anonymous said...

But Karen they won't build a fence along the border. There is a clause in it that specifies that the US must get approval for said fence from the Mexican Gov't. And they will never approve such a fence

K. Carpenter said...

Hi Clint- I am not sure, but I heard that was an ugly rumor. I have read thru small portions of the Senate bill and I have not seen it.

Here is a link to the Senate bill that passed.

Let me know if you find it. Either way, the Senate version of the bill will not make it thru the House. I am confident that the House will fix this bill before they approve it.