Monday, May 22, 2006

State Senator Cathy Stepp

State Senator Cathy Stepp wins the "No Rinos allowed" award.

Senator Stepp was the Chairwoman for the RPW convention. She gave a stirring speech that touched the hearts of the true conservatives in the crowd. She spoke directly to her colleagues in the Senate and House, letting them know exactly where she stands on Rinos. The likes of WEAC will never ever support a conservative agenda. It is time to stop playing to WEAC. We are conservatives and they don't like conservatives- so ignore them and do what is best for Wisconsin.

Senator Stepp will be sorely missed in Madison next year. We will the Senator the very best in the coming years. This I do know, this is not the last that we have heard of Senator Stepp. She is a conservative at heart and will be out pushing the conservatives to do what is right.


Reprublican teacher said...

Right on Cathy Stepp, she is a true conservative with the RIGHT ideas. She is not afraid to vote the RIGHT way and does not fall into the phoney baloney trap of MAdison. She will be sorely missed...hard to replace such a rare gem!
-Republican teacher

BBG said...

Cathy is indeed someone special.
She rocked the convention with straight forward true conservative talk.

How rare is that???