Monday, May 08, 2006

This week's Kenosha News Focus question

For those who do not live in Kenosha, the weekly focus question in our local newspaper gives everyone an opportunity to comment on a particular question.

If you would like to respond to this week's focus question, send an email to by noon on Thursday, May 11th. You may also call in a voicemail to 262-656-6205

Please give your sex, your age and the town you live in. You do not have to give your name.

For example, if you are a 29 year old male that lives in Racine, please sign as follows:
29 year old male

This week's Focus question:

Death Penalty Vote

The state Senate and Assembly have both approved resolutions to hold a statewide referendum on the death penalty, although there are slight differences in the resolutions. If the Senate agrees with changes in the Assembly version, voters will be asked in the fall if they favor the death penalty in cases involving first-degree murder when the conviction is backed up by DNA evidence. The referendum will be advisory, which means the state ban on the death penalty will not change without other action by the Legislature. Wisconsin has banned the death penalty since 1853. The last execution occurred in Kenosha.

Do you support or dislike the death penalty resolution?

Results and comments will be printed in the May 14th, Sunday Kenosha News.


jeff said...

I sent a comment on the issue to the Kenosha News that while it is public record in polls that the general public wants the death penalty in Wisconsin, politicians dont have the 'strength of will' to bring it back or even put it to a vote. The referendum is just a way for them to look like they are doing something without actually doing something.

BBG said...

Death Penality?? I vote YES

The "advisory" part?? What's the point??

Anonymous said...

Personally, for certain crimes, I'd be happy if they brought back public hanging! And add the "draw & quarter" part too.