Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Kenosha Teacher's Union Saga continues......

I don't have the energy to write about it all tonight, but suffice it to say, the saga over the teacher's union sticking it to the kids in Kenosha, is not quite over.

Not only did the teachers stick it to the students and taxpayers of Kenosha, now it appears that they have shot themselves in the foot.

The teachers were given a choice of two identical insurance programs, one would of those programs was $6.7 million a year cheaper. Instead they chose the WEAC(WEA Trust) insurance at the higher price. Judging by the reaction of the community, the taxpayers are furious at the teachers.

Well, now the latest development is that the teachers will keep their WEA insurance plan, but now that new plan is now where near as good as the old plan. The teachers will now have to pay more out of pocket costs.

The teachers just shot themselves in the foot. Not only will this WEA plan cost the taxpayers more money, but it will cost them more money also.

I will give the details to the plan when I am able to keep my eyes open.

Stay tuned.........


jeff said...

What do you expect for two groups(the Board/District and the KEA)that allow a 20% retention rate of 9th Grade students and dont seem moved to correct the problem.

BBG said...

The great??? (sarsasm) thing in all this is WEAC still makes a huge profit from the insurance so they can prop up their failure Doyle.

Speaking of "profit" anyone wonder if the WEA trust is making more than the 9% the oil companies are?? If so I say Doyle and Keg should sue the teachers union for excess profits.