Friday, May 26, 2006

Governor Doyle's veto pen was working overtime

Governor may think he may have sneaked a few vetos past us, but we are watching a paying attention.

Check out the commen sense legislation that the governor vetoed-

Assembly Bill 461- The Casino Oversite Bill
Of course the Governor vetoed this one. His "pay to play" agenda is right on track. He certainly does not want the Indian Tribes taking away his free campaign cash. Keep an eye on this veto, the Potawatomi Indians are none too happy about this veto. The Governor better hope that the Potawatomi Indians do not bail on him and start working against him. Here is the statement from the Potawatomi Indians.
As a Kenosha resident, I would love it if our legislators would keep the "out of staters" out of my home town. This is my home- I don't want the governor selling us out to a Connecticut indian tribe.

Assembly Bill 850- The Pier Bill
Of course the Governor vetoed this one also. As we already know, Doyle has zero respect for property owners. If you own a pier, the governor believes he has every right to tell you what to do with that pier. With this veto, the Governor is giving the DNR even more power to harrass law abiding pier owners.

Senate Bill 567- Proof of Citizenship Bill
What can I say to this veto? Of course we expected the Governor to veto it. What has surprised me is the reason the governor gave for vetoing it. He said it was because the federal government already requires ID for federal aid, and people would get confused. Huh?

What is this? No ID is required? Anybody who wants to can just walk up and get whatever they want out of our state services?

Apparently our Governor wants the Hispanic vote so bad, that he willing to give the illegal Hispanics anything they want, whenever they ask for it.

This bill was about blocking state aid to illegal immigrants and our governor vetoed it. The governor is getting desperate to win re-election, he will even sell out legal Wisconsinites in order to win.

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Kate said...

I don't suppose we have votes to over ride his absurb (one of many) veto, do we? :/