Saturday, May 06, 2006

TPA- Discouraged, Disgusted, but not Defeated

I just read a very interesting piece posted by Owen at Boots & Sabers. In this article, Owen outlines his reasons for why the TPA failed.

I am with Owen on this. His reasons for the defeat make a ton of sense. There were mistakes aplenty.

So where do we go from here? Once again- Owen nails it in his last paragragh-

Yes, I would have liked to have seen a strong TPA pass through the legislature. And yes, I’m pretty ticked that it didn’t pass. Make no mistake, fiscal conservatives suffered a major defeat. But we are making progress. Next session, I will don my armor, strap on my sword, lower my visor, and cast down the gauntlet again. I am prepared to wage this political battle for as long as it takes. I will not quit until I leave a Wisconsin that my children will be proud to call home or until I am dead.

It is time to learn from our mistakes and keep fighting.

As the liberals rejoice at the failure of the TPA, they need to remember that the average Wisconsin taxpayer want this.

I am discouraged and disgusted, but I am no where near defeated.

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BBG said...

DOWN IN FLAMES many of us still know that the farmer burns off a field of the totally useless (RINO'S) material so the lush green productive growth (strong local and state wide caps and some new electeds) can come forth.