Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here we go again- another activist judge rules against the will of the people

By a margin of 76% to 24%, the people of Georgia overwhelming approved a ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions.

One single solitary judge has over-ruled each and every voter in the state of Georgia.

"The people of Georgia knew exactly what they were doing when an overwhelming 76% voted in support of this constitutional amendment," said Perdue, a Republican. "It is sad that a single judge has chosen to reverse this decision."

Once again the Democrats, the ACLU and this single judge assume that the people are too stupid to really know what they want and the people have no idea what they are doing.

Anyone not realizing that Wisconsin is under attack right now, because we have a constitutional amendment protecting marriage in November's election, need only to look at the amount of money being spent to defeat this marriage amendment-

This gig is old. Another activist judge decides what is right for the people. I have had it with these activist judges trying to do my thinking for me.


jeff said...

I must disagree with your assessment of the Georgia decision. It is not a case of a judge thinking that "people are too stupid to really know what they want and the people have no idea what they are doing'. It is a matter of making sure that the procedures for amendment of the Constitution in the state of Georgia are followed.

The ruling has nothing to do with the supposed merits of the amendment. It has everything to do with the judge making sure proper procedures are followed. That is the rule of the courts often in our society.

Before anyone would say that I am being too liberal on this issue, I would say that often in our society, the rule of law is the only thing that in the end protects us all.

In the play and movie,A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, Thomas More asks his son-in-law if he would mow down all the trees in England to catch the Devil. The son-in-law says that he would. More responds then by asking, "Then behind what would you hide if the Devil turned and faced you?"

Similarly, we must often be a nation of laws and procedures in order that our freedoms be protected and ourselves kept safe.

Are there times when 'the law' and 'proper procedure' frustrate us as citizens? Yes, but the oppossite, a capricious law would be twice as bad.

To me, as a Republican and a conservative, respect for the rule of law and the rule of even so-called 'activist' judges is a keystone of life.

BBG said...

The point is we elect or boot out of office people that we agree with. The activist judges for the most part are in for life. Even the elected ones rarly get the boot they so richly deserve.

jeff said...

The question you should ask about 'activist' judges is: are they following the law and precedent in their decisions? If they are, then they are doing their jobs. If they rule in a way you many not like on a particular issue or a particular case, then you need to work to change the law.

Also even if a judge is appointed for life, they can still be removed from office by impeachment. This, while rare, has occurred. Also, if elected, you can find a candidate to challenge them and work to elect that person.