Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hey Kenosha School Teachers- You blew it, now it is time to pay the price

That's right Kenosha teachers, KEA and WEAC- you had your chance to save your jobs and you blew it. Now here you are out protesting and kicking up a fuss because some of you are about to lose your jobs.

Too bad teachers- deal with it!

From today's Kenosha News-

Even with the savings, 39.5 teacher positions are still at risk. The board held its first initial budget presentation for the 2006-07 school year to take small steps toward making up a more than $4 million shortfall.

There would have been no $4 million shortfall if the teachers would have voted for the new insurance plan. The new insurance plan would have saved $6.7 million this next school year alone. Now the teacher's had to give up some of their benefits with the old WEA plan, just to save a few dollars and a few teaching jobs. The teachers are now stuck with fewer insurance benefits than they were offered under the new plan.

Guess what this one school teacher proposed should be done in order to save some teachers jobs?????? Here is one teacher's plan-

He said the board could find more money by assessing property at the maximum level

That's right folks! This teacher is actually proposing raising property taxes to pay for their own stupidity! Basically if your house is worth $90 to $110 thousand, instead of paying property taxes at the middle value of $100 thousand which you are doing now- he proposes you pay property taxes on your house at the maximum level of $110 thousand. That would increase property taxes.

Clearly, this school teacher is a Democrat. Only a Democrat would suggest increasing the property taxes of every citizen in Kenosha. Clearly the Democrats are the party who think tax increases are a good thing.

The next suggestion this teacher makes is almost as outrageous as the first suggestion, but not quite. He is suggesting not keeping so much money in the reserve fund. School Board member Mark Stalker had the answer for this suggestion-

But fellow board member Mark Stalker said that would do more harm than good, lowering the district's bond rating, meaning it would cost more interest to borrow money in the future. "The first thing, let's make this clear," Stalker said, "there is no such thing as a rainy day fund. Why would we take from that fund now? That would be the most fiscally irresponsible thing to do. I didn't hear the taxpayers saying that, because they're the ones who would get burned."

Exactly Mark. Apparently the teacher who suggested this has never taken out a loan before. If he had, he would known that if you borrow money, the lending institution wants to know how you plan on paying it back. With no money in the fund, the interests rates go threw the roof and that is if you can find someone to lend us the money. We need that money in the bank, so we can borrow in the future for little things- such as new schools and teacher's pension funds.

Teacher's pension funds?????? Now that is a brilliant idea. I know how the teachers can save their jobs this year! We can cut their pension funds!!!!!! Yeah, make the teachers pay for their own stupidity!

I am sure that is not going to happen. Instead, once again, the Kenosha kids and their education has been sacrified to uphold WEAC and KEA.

If WEAC and the KEA really cared about our kids and their futures, they would not have done something so stupid as to strong arm teachers into staying with WEA Trust.

The teacher's should have thought about their own futures and the future education of Kenosha's kids before they cast a their votes for WEA Trust. They blew it!

The only thing on the minds of teachers when they cast their votes was WEAC and the KEA! The teachers will now have to sacrifice their jobs for the union. I thought the unions were supposed to protect teachers and their jobs- it appears that their loyalty to the union will cost actually cost them their jobs.

The teachers will get very little sympathy from the Kenosha community as they negotiate this. The Kenosha community know the teachers brought this on themselves and it's time to pay up. Rarely do we see conservatives and liberals united in the same cause. We are united in this single thought- we all know the Kenosha teachers, WEAC and the KEA screwed up!

Edited to add: Not every Kenosha school teacher voted for WEAC. Quite a few of them wanted to go with the new insurance. To these teachers, and the school administrators, secretaries, carpenters, educational assistants,etc.... who voted for the new insurance- I apologize. I know you did what you could. WEAC and the KEA are out of control. They are so power hungry that they are willing to sacrifice good teachers, good students and good school programs to stay in power. Our students, teachers and all the rest, deserve the very best and they cannot get that as long as WEAC and the KEA have so much power.


jeff said...

The answer to the District budget problems is not the same old fix-its. The whole process should be changed from adding and subtracting from the previous year base to an approach where the actual cost of things is looked at each year with the first priority being educating students in what they need to know then adding on the bells and whistles and consultants.

Budgetting like you or I would for the household expenses based on the money we have and prioritizing the needs before the wants.

realdebate said...

Excellent report. Man we have the same thing in Racine. These teachers just have no respect for other people's money.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, many people are out of work and were unable (not enough self motivation?) to get a good education. Too many people these days are jealous of others who did. If you're so jealous and hateful, come spend a day at a school, and try teaching in a classroom of 28 hostile students yourself. Also, try and complete your teacher's certification!

There certainly are a lot of sorry angry bastards out there.