Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Carnival of the Badger- 05/04/06

Just a small explanation about the carnival of the badger

The Carnival of the Badger is a weekly blog carnival featuring bloggers from all around Wisconsin. It is a non-partisan blog, and is open to anyone from Wisconsin, or with posts about Wisconsin. You are welcome to submit posts on any topic, from politics, to sports, to current events, or anything else. However, the more regional topics are better for this carnival, as we're trying to keep it about Wisconsin. If you're unfamiliar with what a carnival is, you can see an example here (the 1st Edition of the Carnival of the Badger).

I am really excited about my first chance to host the carnival. As I was musing over what to post in this week's carnival, I asked myself a few questions. How sarcastic should I be? How much fun should this be? What kind of creative latitude will I have? Etc......

Then the carnival submissions started rolling. As I read thru each of these, I realized that way too many of the submissions are dealing with serious subjects, during serious times. I felt if I added too much sarcasm or tried to be too creative, that many of these serious subjects would be glossed over and I did not want that to happen.

I am going to just list the posts, in the order they were submitted, with a small blurb on the subject matter-

From Fred @ Real Debate Wisconsin writes about the Most Powerful Woman in Wisconsin
Read about the most powerful woman in Wisconsin

From Grumps @ The Happy Circumstance writes 'Ya Got Trouble
Sing along with Grumps and J.B. Van Hollen

From Aaron @ Subject to Change writes Dear President Bush
Mr. President, why does Iran still have nuclear sites?

From Nick @ The World According to Nick writes A Day Without Immigrants Backfires
Apparently, our friend Nick was feeling a bit sarcastic this day

From Clint @ Milwaukee-ID10T writes Sensenbrenner for President
Whoo! Hoo! Sensenbrenner for President!

From Patrick @ Badger Blogger writes Gwen Moore ? You killed real jobs, stop bragging about your plans to get more jobs
"Gwen Moore brags about the government programs she supports that she hopes will bring jobs to Milwaukee, but at the same time, she worked to thwart a company trying to bring hundreds of jobs to inner city Milwaukee. "

From Mike @ The Spring City Chronicle writes Reflections in the Restroom Mirror
What is the most honest thing I know? Restroom mirrors.
Thanks Mike, now I have to get busy taking down all of the mirrors in my restroom.

From Andy @ Citizens for a Safe Wisconsin writes Did the DOC Greatly Overprice GPS?
Not exactly sure what to say here except that I hope this post gets the point across that the DOC price for GPS is way off and that people should not trash the idea of GPS monitoring of sex predators because of its price.

From Kathy @ Stepping Right Up! writes Kenosha Taxpayer's double whammy
Kenosha taxpayers not only lost all the respect that we had for our teachers, but we lose $6.7 million in taxpayer dollars on top of it.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions. It was fun reading all of your great blogs.

If you are interested in hosting the Carnival of the Badger contact Nick- here


grumps said...

A fine choice for the first time and an admirable job of executing it.

Thanks for putting it together.

realdebate said...

Thanks for hosting, great job!!