Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Has Sensenbrenner lost his every lovin' mind?

Every ounce of respect that I have for Sensenbrenner, now hangs in the balance, based on his reaction to the FBI raids.

Sensenbrenner drafting bill to protect congressional documents from FBI raids

Sensenbrenner needs to step very lightly around this one. No American, no matter which side of the ailse, believes that Congress should be writing laws to protect themselves from criminal investigations.


condiforprez said...

Just another politician thinking he is above the law?

jeff said...

Just another politician who has gotten too comfortable in Washington. He has 'gone native'.

Kate said...

I was completely shocked by Sensenbrenner's reaction. I thought he had more "smarts" than that! Even Turbin Durbin said it wasn't unprecendented, and had no problem with the search. Yep, it is now a cold day in hell.... I've sided with Durbin. YIKES!

Josh Schröder said...

I'm going to give Rep. Sensenbrenner the benefit of the doubt, though I have no evidence to do so.

Does drafting a bill mean he is in favor of its contents (a la Charlie Rangel's 2004 Draft bill)?

I'm hoping that what Rep. Sensenbrenner is doing is creating the bill the way he wants it (as chair of the House Judiciary Committee) for the purposes of defeating it on the floor of the House, lest the public issue 435 pink slips.

Again, I don't know this to be the case, and perhaps I am too optimistic, but this is my hope.