Monday, May 15, 2006

Talk radio- Are you ready to rumble?

Today's talk radio should be interesting.

In one corner, we have Mark Belling. Belling stirred things up with his bashing of Mark Green and his lovefest with Tommy Thompson.

Belling says:

On the other hand, it’s in the best interest of every Republican to get Green out and when there is that strong of a will, there is likely to be a way.

In the other corner, we have Charlie Sykes. Mr. Sykes had a couple of words to say about Belling's choice for governor.

Sykes says:
Remember this........the next time Mark Belling rips Republican legislators as RINOs:

Do it, Tommy. Your party and your state need you.

Let's see. Tommy:

*Backs higher gas taxes (since he loves to build roads)
*Is deep in the pockets of ADM and the ethanol industry (Green also supports an ethanol mandate, but he's apiker compared to Ethanol Tommy.)
*Big spender, who helped spend the state into its massive deficit.
*Opposes TABOR or TPA
*Loves rail transit of every kind...

So how is Tommy any different from:
Mary Panzer?
Dale Schultz?
Luther Olsen?
Carol Roessler?
Ron Brown?
Sue Jeskewitz?

Maybe Belling can explain.

Yes, indeed. Today should be an interesting day on talk radio.

Now that Thompson has decided that he won't run for governor, perhaps someone should talk to Mark Belling. Like the rest of us, Belling gets two choices for governor- Mark Green or Jim Doyle. Belling needs to decide who's side he is on. The game of waiting for someone better to come along is getting old.

So who will win this battle? Belling or Sykes?


BBG said...

Any interesting poll from the Republican party county Chairs.

Maybe Tommy was wtching and listening.

David said...

Two choices for Governor?

Actually we all have an unlimited number of choices for Governor. It's called a write in. And I choose Jim Sensenbrenner.